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A collection of songs inspired by the wonderful community at


released March 10, 2015



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MrWolf Munich, Germany

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Track Name: Trouble in Paradise (ft. Billy Dragon)
We once walked the Earth without fear
Our minds was amazing and our visions so clear
We once walked next to dragons
And all animals ate grass as lions do with deers

But what was once enough became too little
As desire increased in the heart of man

Trouble in paradise
When we walk in rebellion
Trouble in paradise
As the Earth's population increse in the billions

We once were strong and much taller
And we lived ten times longer
We spoke one language of the human race
And there were no disease, drought or starvation

But was once enough became too little
For we began to labour with pain to gain

Trouble in paradise
When we walk in pride
Trouble in paradise
As generations increase in wickedness and die far too young.

(c)Billy Dragon
Track Name: Walk Away (ft. Farisha)
Just look away i will not say
those reasons for i will not pay
im just a zombie
i know the time we've had is right
those piercing eyes i still will fight
im closing the doors
so just walk away
Track Name: Crying in Tune (ft. Katie Bregman)
Can you hear their singin?
Can you hear their voices cryin in tune
Can you hear their singin?
You love it when they cry for you
Track Name: The End of The Night (ft. 3v3sound)
This is the end of the night.
The stars are fading in the dark sky
And we are trying to keep our dream alive.
We reached the end of the night
and I love more than I ever did.
More than you ever know baby.

It's the end of the night.
So many things we have seen together.
So much love between these arms.
Nobody will ever take you away.

It's the end of the night.
But there is no end to my love.
Track Name: The Trees (ft. Billy Dragon)
The trees they are talking to me
Their leaves swaying in the wind
Slowly one at a time, the leaves fall
Into the palm of my hands

The rushing wind has come and gone
And the branches are broken and fallen
There stands the trees like only the few
Upon the ground where their roots belong

The Earth shakes and volcanoes erupt
But the trees know that they must overcome
Then the ashes and the land again settle down
Before the trees slowly begin to heal

We cannot keep running and hiding
Sooner or later we must face our fear
Through the storm and the fire, we must endure
For in the end we gain what God needs us to learn

You must endure!
We must overcome!
You must hold on!
We must overcome!

(c)Billy Dragon
A poem about the need to endure challenges and hardships of life. The reward lies in the lessons gained. For Mariah Dawn.
Track Name: Got a Feeling (ft. Igor Pose)
I do believe I got a Feeling
Track Name: Unseen (ft. Janis71)
I close my eyes to travel far away
beyond the sky forget about the day
You know my dreams is all that I can say
we'll stay unseen and close in every way

We know a place where we won't shed no tears
Love is a grace and pain will disappear
Track Name: Beyond the Sky (ft. Janis71)
take my hand and let me guide guide you
this is the end of me without you
hold me tight and laugh and smile
because tonight we'll make it right

oh baby baby close your eyes
oh baby baby come to me
oh baby baby beyond the sky
oh baby baby forget about everything
Track Name: All the Hell I Have Caused (ft. Antranita)
Ain't no excuse it's wrong what I have done
treat you like a fool.
So many times you forgave me
gave me another chance.
I apologise for all the hell I have caused.
Track Name: I Am Here (ft. Stacy Robinson)
Is anyone near?
Does anyone care?
Does anyone know that I am here?
Cuz I am here.
Oh I am here.
Yes I am here